Friday, September 25, 2009

The last post was inspirational, this one is just...

Guess what?! Wednesday was my birthday! I am now a certified 14 year-old! Wow! I sound like some sort of adult that uses the term, sexually active. 0_0 okay so I thanked everyone who gave me a happy birthday comment on facebook. Especially my best friend Jackie! Who gave like 10! Haha. My birthday was sort of ruined by someone, but I can't let a cruel girl ruin MY day! So I didn't. My parents and I went out to dinner that night at Louie's. Great great food. Long wait though, but because my Dad knows the manager, we only had to wait 15 minutes while everyone else had to wait 40 minutes. Yay. It's a french restaurant by the way. I also told you that I was going to get my baby for my birthday. Cough, Nikon, cough. I'm getting that tomorrow! So I'm extremely excited. I tried calling Jackie countless times to ask her if she wants to hang out tomorrow but that chick won't answer. I'm guessing she's probably doing something proactive unlike me, just BLOGGING on here having no life. Haha. So basically my birthday was nice. Also regarding that strange blog below this one that was posted 10 minutes before this one is that I saw a documentary on these immigrants and I felt the need to express my feelings on here on that movie. That's all I have to say for today since I've written two blogs in one day! I think it's enough even though this one is pretty short. So goodbye for now! And be grateful for everything you have, please.

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