Friday, September 25, 2009

The last post was inspirational, this one is just...

Guess what?! Wednesday was my birthday! I am now a certified 14 year-old! Wow! I sound like some sort of adult that uses the term, sexually active. 0_0 okay so I thanked everyone who gave me a happy birthday comment on facebook. Especially my best friend Jackie! Who gave like 10! Haha. My birthday was sort of ruined by someone, but I can't let a cruel girl ruin MY day! So I didn't. My parents and I went out to dinner that night at Louie's. Great great food. Long wait though, but because my Dad knows the manager, we only had to wait 15 minutes while everyone else had to wait 40 minutes. Yay. It's a french restaurant by the way. I also told you that I was going to get my baby for my birthday. Cough, Nikon, cough. I'm getting that tomorrow! So I'm extremely excited. I tried calling Jackie countless times to ask her if she wants to hang out tomorrow but that chick won't answer. I'm guessing she's probably doing something proactive unlike me, just BLOGGING on here having no life. Haha. So basically my birthday was nice. Also regarding that strange blog below this one that was posted 10 minutes before this one is that I saw a documentary on these immigrants and I felt the need to express my feelings on here on that movie. That's all I have to say for today since I've written two blogs in one day! I think it's enough even though this one is pretty short. So goodbye for now! And be grateful for everything you have, please.

True Inspirations

Okay so, i think this is kind of the wrong time for this, but the right time at the same TIME. okay, so earlier today, as in like 3.30 when i got home i saw this documentary on these kids that are 9 years old, 16, and 13 trying to come to the US and like it's the fucking saddest thing. i cried a lot at the fact that we complain about so much bullshit. like our clothing, what people think about us, and boys. drama is NOTHING compared to what these kids suffer on an ongoing daily basis. they risk their LIVES and some of these kids live without seeing their mothers...ever. we all care what people thikn about us. and grades arent always TOP on our list. most of the time, hang outs and clothing and parties replace those kinds of things. a bunch of crap. the internet, facebook, myspace, blogspot, etc. phones, texting, cameras. and all this SHIT [i think its the right term for this] that's not even important, nor will ever help us success in life. YET WE STILL COMPLAIN. what the fuck is wrong with us? i agree it's hard not to care what people think about you, and OBVIOUSLY you want to live it up. but these kids would KILL to have ONE MEAL A DAY and a BLANKET, and a pair of CLOTHES! and still to us, we can't fucking work hard enough for straight A's. ugh it just makes me so mad, sad, and all these mixed feelings that we're all so ungrateful. right after i saw this 50 minute documentary, i did all my weekend homework which took about 4 hours. and that's not counting the 2 tests i have next week. i also forgot to mention that in order to cross the border, and stay DAYS on trains [obviously the only method of trasportation they have] they can die. they WILL be assaulted. they will rob them from every penny [peso] they have. and these trains almost always go through a tunnel and these kids are sleeping and they NEVER wake up because when the train goes through the tunnel theres no space for their body so, they fall off, and the train kills them. as in it runs over them. that's the saddest part about it. and these kids are HALF our age. and we can't handle some DECENT TESTS that we have the opportunity to study for, but choose not to. it's SOO sad. i don't want to sound cheesy because i've said this countless times, but ONCE AGAIN, my point of view of life has changed DRAMATICAALLLY. that's not a lie this time. i seriously like want to sell all my clothes and computer and ipod and donate all the money to these kids. honestly, its that crazy. these kids endure probably a lot more obstacles in 5 years than we do in our entire LIFETIME. emotionally, physically, and mentally. they think they're not good enough for anyone. these kids go through a lot worse thank anyone i know. these are the kinds of humans that are TRUE INSPIRATIONS. not oprah, or travis barker, or WHATEVER. THESE KIDS ARE THE TRUE HEROES TO ENDURE THESE THINGS EVERY DAY, WEEK, MONTH, AND YEAR. and most of them, end up dying. so please, think about it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Venice [again]

Today was a GREAT dayI I got my braces off! Yesyesyes! I actually got those torture chains off of my little golden pupils! I got them off last wednesday! I hope your happy for me! Even though nobody really reads this? I'll put a link in  my facebook soon though! Hehe so today I went to  the beach with my sister, Monique, her boyfriend Ricky, my mom, and my dad. I know that sounds like a surpassingly, unpleasant day, but it was the opposite! Me and my sister when way into the waves and I learned how to ride a boogeyboard [I don't think I spelled that write :P]! So just that there was great! Then after we went to the boardwalk, btw this is in Venice. Then there my sister bought me a poncho! Holy crap I'ts so fudging warm and not itchy AT ALL! Plus it was only 15.00! While we were walking we saw this guy with gold paint all over him, looking like a statue, and we all know that they're not, but I didn't really notice him. And out of nowhere he like yells and moves and I yelled, 'Holy Shit!' so loud! It was really embarrassing but whatever, I can't blame the guy/freak who thinks he's a statue and knows he won't earn more than 5.00 per day for doing that. After that we saw this weird soap box race which was quite amusing, for 10 minutes. Haha then we went to eat tacos, which were delicioso. After that we went to Ralphs and I bought some Lunchables. How fucking great are those?! I haven't had one since 7th grade, which was 2 years ago. You know how everyone always says, 'Time flies!' and 'Oh don't worry kids, this year will go bye so fast, you won't even feel it!' Well, I do feel it, and time never flew for me, but starting from today, I now believe in that saying because I remember 7th grade as if it were last week[not yesterday]! And that's not because of my age, I really do feel like I'm in 7th grade and remember all the details! Ahh, okay so back to the point, even though there really isn't a point to writing this? Today was a good day. Oh and I found out my Dad's getting me a Nikon for my birthday! :] And guess what?! THIS WEDNESDAY IS MY FUDGING BIRTHDAY! SEPTEMBER 23 BABY! Yus! Okay, that's enough for now! Bye bye :]

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day at Ortho: Doomsday

Today was my first day at the magnificent school, Orhtopaedic Medical Magnet High School [OMMHS]. I had an incredibly horrible day from the moment i stepped onto that concrete, dead, prison looking, campus. So, school starts at 7:50. I got to school at 7:45 and this stupid school told us that our homerooms were going to be posted on the wall in the hallway in front of the school. So, considering that there were 800+ kids pushing and kicking trying to see they're homeroom, AND I had 5 minutes, EXACT, it was pretty hard for me to see my homeroom. Or advisory class, as this school calls it, weird, I know. I had to actually push seniors, which were 17-19, just to see my advisory class. Ugh, that was extremely uncomfortable. I do not have any friends, and I am a loner. At nutrition I stayed in the bathroom for most of it eating and listening to my music, I didn't actually use it, lol. At lunch, it was worse. I was sitting on the pavement BY MYSELF, which I am not use to, at all. Lunch was a full 30 minutes, so it was basically hell. My teachers are okay. They're not TOO strict, at the point where I could complain or try to switch out, but they're not AMAZING AND KICKBACK. The only concern I have regarding my teachers would be my Geometry teacher, btw I got into Geometry! He was rasied around Crenshaw and the ghetto area, but he was incredibly smart so he went to UCLA, blah blah blah. He's got that kind of inspiration story, but he talks like a Cholo. He seems okay though, I Guess... Anyways, I have to turn everything off by 10:00 PM so I'm going to go now, and let you all rejoice in your amazing lives, and savor the fresh air! Oh, oh my god, I can't believe I forgot this important detail. ORTHOPAEDIC HAS UNIFORMS. I've never been to a uniform-clothing based school. So It's going to take some time for me to adjust. Okay, now I really have to go! Goodbye and Goodnight my lovely readers.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Beach and Bipolars

So today I went to the beach! Very exciting news for not only me, but for my summer! Surprisingly, I had fun. I went with Mom, Dad, and one of my best friends Tanesi. I haven't seen her in about a month and we live one block away? Ironic much? Yes. She's been in San Francisco, and she's been staying with her Dad lately, so that explains why we haven't seen much of eachother. By the way, her parents are divorced. Anyways, back to this INTRIGUING story, her and I went into the waves! But when I say that, I mean extremely far from shore! I was pretty scared in the beginning, but after a while [4 minutes] I was having fun. I can adapt so easily to these kind of relaxing settings, considering i had one of those floating thingies, not the donuts. The floaters you wear, but not the ones with the buckle. Nevermind, too hard to explain. So after that, we went to the Venice boardwalk...HOLY CRAP [sorry for the swearing, but I needed to say it], there are SO many people, it's FUCKING crazy. Oh, and I saw this guy on his bike, with his dog! After that, we went to Souplantation. Honestly, their food basically tasted bland to me. But, that's just me! So now, I'm home. And I just finished fighting with my mom, who almost gave me a heart attack. And I'm the bad person? Whatever. Gaaa school on Wednesday, you can just imagine the thrill for that day, rousing through my veins! YES! SCHOOL! YES! -.- Bye bye.

          Btw, here's the picture of the guy + dog on bike in Venice ↓

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

San Diego, bummer.

Yesterday at around 3 i left from LA to San Diego. On our way here, we stopped at Taco Bell. I got some nachos that were 79 cents?! Honestly, when i saw that I thought it was a joke. But when I got the nachos, it really didn't deserve to have the title, 'Three Layer Nachos.' Anyways, I'm staying at my grandfather's house with my uncle and his daughter [cousin.] She's fun but I'd rather be in LA. So far, today, I've done absolutely nothing. We were planning to watch Final Destination in 3D. It's funny how the modo for the movie on the billboards n' stuff is, 'Death saved the best for 3D.' That's really funny. We didn't end up going because she had to go to work. So all I've been doing since 12 up till now and probably until i go to sleep, is watching TheFABLife on Vh1. It's okay I guess. I'm just not exactly use to being home all day watching that stuff. Normally I just tune in and stay home to watch my daily dose of the AIDS epidemic [Real Chance of Love, My Antonio, Tool Academy, etc.] Lately I've been active going out with friends. I guess maybe I needed a break from that? Who knows. All I know is I could go for some fresh cut mango, cap n' crunch, and some chocolate ships right now. Peace Out, I'm out n' about....sike.