Friday, April 30, 2010

Miserable At Best

hey. i apologize i haven't blogged for a while, sorry for the lagging, for forgetting. but the past few days, i've been going through a rough patch in my life, for the second time. i am not going to tell you what's going on, because then it'll seem like i'm trying to make you feel sorry for me, which is not true, AT ALL. it's fine with me if you don't give a shit, cause i probably don't give a shit about you either. but all i will say, here in public, is that my Dad is in horrible condition, very ill. and no, it's not a flu, a cough, or any of that sort. if your someone close to me, i'll tell you, if you don't know yet, then you aren't close enough to me .. or close at all. i will tell you though that you need to be extremely appreciative of your lives, that both of your parents including you and any of your pets are healthy, and in a good state of being. anyday, at any time, so many things can occur. you need to be thankful, because it rests in God's hands how  everything will be played out in your life and in the lives surrounding you. you need to tell your parents, that you love them, with all your heart because they need to know that before anything goes wrong, and its just something that will make all of you feel good about. i pray for all of you, including anyone who reads this, anyone i don't know, EVERYONE. just sincerely, appreciate what you have, before its gone. and i ihope you have an incredible weekend. and spend some time with your parents going to the movies, the park, eating dinner with the television off, because its something they WILL appreciate and it would mean the WORLD to them. god bless you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday Party

So I know I promised to upload photos from the party yesterday, but I didn't really take any photos. The few that I did take were gross, and just not even worth uploading on here. Another reason I didn't take lots of photos was because my hair is stupid...And I really really wanted to take a picture of the Chocolate Fountain, but it was a Jungle. All the little kids were going crazy. Daisy dropped chocolate on a little girl's hair, and i dropped some chocolate in my bra, so it was smeared all over my...yeah. Lmao. You should be GLAD I didn't take any pictures. But the party was cool.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Walking With Scissors

Should I tell you what happened to me a few hours ago? No. I shouldn't. YES. Yes I should. Because if you read this piece of CRAYUP, then your MY piece of crayup <3 But then you wouldn't love me anymore...if you even do now? Hmmm. Fuck. Okayyyy, I got a haircut. I'm NOT posting a picture of it. I HATE it. So so much. I look like a fucking fool. They cut my bangs too. That's the funniest part about the haircut, but the funniest part about this entire situation, is that tomorrow I'm going to a party, and I'm gonna look like an idiot, with this bullshit hair. It's a joke. At least all my split ends are gone. And now instead of the bottom half of my hair being blondish, now it's only a very small portion at the bottom. I guess everything really does have a bright side. Hmm. Well you'll still see my initially GREAT hair, now STUPID hair in the pictures i'll take tomorrow. I'll obviously put them on here, but I'm scared your going to stop reading the entire thing itself. God I'm such a fucktard.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Flick Me Off!

I have developed a fetish for rings. Of course, I still have an obsession with socks, but rings are like, my world right now. I've been buying them from all over the place..the internet, stores, the mall, EVERYWHERE! Today, we had free-dress at school! So that explains why I'm wearing a black shirt. Btw, I took this right when I got home. Something else incredible happened today, I got 3 rings that ordered online, and i LOVE them. Listed from left to right [on your screen], snake ring on my middle finger, blue lapis ring on my ring finger. Other hand - light blue-grey ring on my ring finger, and blue-green-aqua silver ring on my middle finger. I now have exactly 11 rings :)

"May The Snake Be With You, Haha! Oh, And Fuck You"

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Child, Let Me Use My Strong Hand!

Today, I went with Daisy to go buy her dress for a party that we're going together to next Saturday. We went to the Americana and had so much fun! No, I'm not being sarcastic. Lmfao. We....bought her dress, i bought some clothes, ate Pinkberry, saw robot fights, bought some fabric for my dress that my mom's making me, stole money from the fountain and bought a soda with that money, bought her shoes, ate corn, ate churros, and saw The Uninvited and Scary Movie 2. Here's 2 pictures of the 2 shirts I got, and pictures of Daisy that she doesn't know I took, but still manages to look like a ninja. I don't have the picture of her dress, which is fucking beautiful CAUSE I SAW IT AND TOLD HER OMG I LOVE THIS DRESS, haha, and I also do not have the pictures of all the other stuff I got which was a belt, 6 rings, a bracelet.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Globally United

It's been exactly 1 month since the great sir himself, Alexander McQueen left us. His runways were, Incredible. Mindblowing. Odd. Tasty. And Suberb. It's been a really sad day today, other than the post-dramatic reminder of his death. I read half of an extremely compelling novel today. I ate Cereal for dinner, and Ice Cream for breakfast. I saw the entire season 2 of House. I am very, very, VERY sick. And I got a papercut. Ugh...Am I Okay?

RIP Alexander McQueen. We WILL Miss You.

Surf It, Scroll It, Pause It, Click It

I made thisssssss video yesterday, and I was really sick, so you should watch it, cause your a champ. And you deserve the best. You champ, You...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bunnies Don't Even Lay Eggs...They're Marsipuals!

Easter fucking sucked for me. I had to work on my project for Biology. It was due on Tuesday, which meant I had 2 days since I didn't work on it at all over Spring Break and every fucking craft store, including Target and Wal-Mart were closed! We went all over Santa Monica. Blink, Pearls, Michaels, and everything was closed! Ugh! But on Monday we ended up buying all the materials and I did the project in 7 hours...So my entire Sunday was basically wasted. We had to create an animal in the future, that was realistic, but had evolutionized at the same time. Mine was a Kird, a product of a Koala and a bird. I have to admit, It came out reallyyyy good... Oh shiz, I didn't tell you that TOYS-R-US was open! So we bought some Koala fur there to make my Koala out of...hahaha. TOYS-R-US scares me though :/ I hope you had a much better Easter than me! Bye! Darth Vader Pinatas!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Botega Louie's

Mmmmmmmmmmm, good good Saturday. Thanks Rosalinda, I know you read my blog :)

Cutie Patootie

Even though it came out in 2003, this morning was the first time I saw this movie, while I was eating breakfast. I would recommend you watch it if your the "screw love" kind of person, but if your not It's still GREAT. Mandy Moore is soo gorgeous! And he's pretty cute too ;D

Friday, April 2, 2010

Nocturnal State

I don't know if you guys know this, but there's this thing that goes on, on Vh1 in the AM. And last night I couldn't go to sleep at all for some reason so I was watching it. It's this program called, "Nocturnal State." They play a bunch of really good songs. You should tune in, if your awake that is. And if you have Directv DVR like I do, you can record it, or you can just tivo it too if you have cable. Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol was just one of the 8 songs that I discovered of last night and downloaded. Once again, it's on Vh1 in the AM from 1 AM - i think..4 AM. If you have Directv it's on channel 335, if you don't ummm idk..haha. Bye!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Want You Smothered, Want You Covered

I can't believe I forgot to put my video on here when I uploaded it! Which was about 2 weeks ago. Watch it bitch, It's weird, It's sexy, and most importantly, It'll creep you out. So watch my video...Please? Haha. Btw, the song: The Bad Touch - The Bloodhound Gang.

Do You Need Some Contacts?

Remember, I'm Always Watching You...