Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hoot Hoot Moo Moo

Today, I reeally didn't do anything. Just stayed home, played Rock Band for literally 4 hours, ate, took a nap, watched 2 movies online, bought one on pay-per view, and yeah, that's it. My mom's launching her fashion line with two other co-workers and she needed me to edit some pictures because of the lighting the photos with the models were taken in was terrible. She's paying me 10 cents for each photo, and there's 197 photos. Haahha. So yeah. Then, one of my friends who lives a block away from me came over and we went to the Farmer's Market, the one at The Grove. But something incredible happened! Btw, my friend is 19, so yeah.. While driving to the Farmer's Market we found a large, great horned owl on the side of the freeway! It was next to a tall concrete wall. He, or she, could fly, but not very well. It kinda looked like it may have gotten clipped by a car =[ But we caught him in mid-flight before it got out of traffic. I actually was sticking half of my body outside of the window and caught it! I almost fell out though. Pretty scary. I lost my breath for a few seconds from the fear I had for myself and of course the owl. I somehow managed to not get bitten or ripped open by his huge claws. But it doesn't matter, it's an innocent animal.. Since this was on our way to the Market, not back home, we had to bring him with us. He was preeeetty mad as you can see in the photos.. Lmao. It was tricky to photograph him, but that's what Nikons are made for! 0.3 seconds for a snapshot! Haaha. I had to hold him with one hand in my lap and work the camera with the other and it sucks, cause my lens aren't auto focus! I have to focus them manually cause they're these old vintage zoom lens! We met one of the homeowners near the Market that gave us a box, so that made things quite a bit easier. We dropped him off at a state park on our way back home at an animal rescue organization. They sent a team to come pick him up. I'm not sure if they knew he was already in a box.. So yeah, hope you had a great day in one of many to come in your summer! Bye!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fresh Air At Last

Today, my friends and I ditched our last day of school and went to the beach. Exciting eehhh? We left to the beach at 8 AM, and left the beach at 2 PM. We went to McDonald's, and they all ate breakfast there. Since I don't eat McDonald's, after they ate we went to a cafe on the other side of the block and I ate breakfast there. Then, we just stayed at the beach or the remaining 5 hours. It was a greeaaaat day, and we had lots of deep conversations about our futures, love lives, and basically about ourselves. I can't believe summer is finally here. I'm going to have SO many posts... So prepare yourself some lemonade, and let the fun begin. Bye, and I hope you have a GREAT summer! Ohhh as I always do, last note: I'm aware I have pale ass feet. So don't comment me telling me that or something.. I hate them -___- Ooookay, BYE!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Amplify The Love

School ended at 12:30 today! Fuck yeah!! After school, I went with my friend Esbeydi to go get her dress for our friend's birthday party this Saturday. We took the train to the mall-ish place, and on the train we met up with my friend Steve. The train ride was about 20 minutes-ish? Then when we got there, we ate at this awesome buffet place! For only 6.99 per person! And because it was unlimited food, I think I gained like 5 pounds. Lmao. Then after we ate for like 2 hours, she bought her dress, and she bought a cardigan for me! She's so nice! Btw, I tried on the cardigan.. And she said she was going to pay for it. So yeah, she didn't actually pick it out.. I did :D And yeah, then we just started walking around and looking at all the stores. Then after the adventure, she took the bus going to her house. And I took the bus going back to school. Then from there, took the Dash back home. I got home at around 4:30. And my parents had no idea I did any of this! It's so exciting.. I think during summer since both of my parents will be at work from 9 AM - 6 PM I'm going to be going to MANY places, thanks to public transportation! Bye! Ahh shit, also if you notice in the last picture, I got tanner ;D

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unusually Normal?

Todaaaaay, my mom picked me up from school! Yay! No bus to take home :) ! And it get's better. After school, my mom took me to the nearest Urban Outfitters to me which was in Beverly Hills and purchased some shoesies! Andaaand they're my FIRST heels! :D I'm so happy! They're GORGEOUS. Satin black heels? Can't get any better. And I got them for one of my good friend's Quincenera this Saturday. Shit, I still need to get her present. Lmao, I think I'm just gonna give her money because I believe that's the best gift. You can spend it on ANYTHING your mind wishes. So, why not? It's the easiest, and best choice. I'm so siked for the party. Ahh, hahha. Well, I'll see ya'llz laterzzz! Wow, imagine if I actually wrote all ghetto? I think I would die, from being ghetto. Cause that's totally possible. BYE!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank You. Seriously, THANK YOU!

Since it's officially the last week of school we have no more homework! How great is that? It's such a relief to not have a ton of homework from French, English, Health, Geometry, and most of all.. BIOLOGY. But what to do now? What to do in those 6 hours.. The computer eventually hurts my eyes after 3 hours and then starts to decrease in entertainment. So...what to do? I know! Haaha, make tons and tons of "Thank You" cards! I'm trying out this new thing where I compliment people on a daily basis and start to just be a nicer person overall. Other than that, I have another goal as well. A very important goal. To me that is.. It's to get over Angel. Like seriously.. I honestly have no chance with him, and if I did, he's leaving for college. The relationship just wouldn't work out, no matter how hard we tried. The only way it could, was if he really loved me and I really loved him, but like that just doesn't work. I'm still going to love him until the last day of school. This Friday, it will be the beginning of the end of my heart racing with thoughts of him. I'm proud of myself. But at the same feel disappointed and defeated. I have a sense of frustration about the whole situation. What if I never saw him in the cafeteria 7 months ago? Would this obsession have ever been created? Would the symptoms of true love ever hit me this year? Who knows. Who the fuck knows what everything could've been like. I just have to live with it. What I do know is that, this was a once in a lifetime experience. All the stalkings and sitting outside of the classroom where he eats during lunch with my best friend, were wasted but brought so much joy to my life. I really did think that I wasn't going to develop any feelings for any human being for the next 3 years. And that is probably true. We just have SO much in common, it's as if it was FATE. I guess life just throws shit in your face, and it's your decision whether to chase it like a dumb person or think and compare if it's worth it. He's probably going to find someone he loves in college and of course.. lose his virginity. And she's going to be the luckiest girl in the world. As a matter of fact, it's been proven that most marriages are formed by relationships in college.. But then again, MORE than HALF of marriages end in divorces. I just wish him happiness, because he does deserve it. He deserves the best and nothing but the best. Oh, and those are exactly 13 "Thank You" cards made in 4 hours. ANDDD AND AND also, I realized that I have a very unique face. Like.. I've never met anyone with a face similar to mine. So yeah. Just wanted to point that out to any over-analyzers that read this, I'm aware I have a unique face!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shooting Roots

I went shopping today! Finally..Fuck. I purchased 3 dresses, 2 skirts, and a basic shirt. As you can see, I kinda have this obsession with floral print. Haa.. Today was fun.. Too bad the Lakers lost. Oh wells! I really don't care. Hahahha.. Bye bye. Oh, and yes.. I have gained a FEW pounds as you can see in the last picture. My tummy is like kind of sticking out. But this was taken like 2 minutes ago, after I ate broccoli, carrots, soup, AND tortilla.. So yeah. Lmao. And alsoo, those jeans are like kinda tight on me.. :/ Damn, I need some new jeans. FUCK. Why diddddn't I get them today?! Ugh.. I'm such a dumbshit. Seriously! :(

"I Love No One, And No One Loves Me"