Thursday, July 29, 2010

Show Me Your Ribs

What a relaaaxing DAY! Lazy too. = DREAM COME TRUE. I didn't do anything! Took a break off of monitoring my store, monitoring my eBay listing and bids, doing the laundry, and going to the postal office EVERYDAY. So great. I just walked to The Great Steak restaurant a few blocks away and got myself a delicious sandwich with fries and Pepsi. Then I just hung out with my baby on my bed and we gave eachother massages and played with her favorite string! It's actually like a braided belt thing from American Apparel that I bought for myself for like 20 bucks but I never wore it, so I use to entertain her now. Then of course.. Went mega shopping online! Hahaa. I bought TONS OF SHIT from Forever 21 more specifically Heritage 1981, umm tons of dresses and gorgeous shirts from Urban's sale rack, a Viva Radio shirt from American Apparel, and 3 shirts from Threadless, AND a beautiful art print from Theadless! But there was one thing I just really wanted but knew I shouldn't buy it, but I still want to... The Deux Lux Side Pocket Hobo Bag! Holy fuck.. It's like, god. I would seriously have sex with the bag if I owned it. Hehe. Also, a few days ago Panchita ripped my 3rd Macbook charger in 6th months.. I got so pissed off, but whatever. It's in her nature to be destructive so I don't think she actually did it with bad intentions. BUT the charger is $81 dollars! :( And to add to the bad news, I have the most chapped lips in the world. They hurt SO much. Nivea... "A Kiss Of Moisture?" MY ASS! Shit doesn't moisture.. Because of this oral medication I'm on it dries my entire body including my lips and scalp, so my lips bleed a few times during the day, especially if I laugh. They start to bleed for a few minutes and I can't lick them for the next hour because saliva is salty.. If you know of a good chapstick PLEASE message me or comment or something. Burt's Bee's is good, but it's too general, and the brand "Chapstick" isn't good for shit. My friend told me Nivea was good, so I tried it, but it's not working.. And I've been putting it on 6 times a day for the past 2 weeks.. NOTHING. So yeah, WHAZZUP. I mean, WHAZZDOWN. Bye beautiful.. animals, or humans. Also, don't forget to check out my new store! Thanks! The stuff isn't available yet, so just wait like a week. Haha, kay BYE!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pursuit Of... Bargains! Oh, And Happiness Too.

Hey! I FINALLY have my new store up! I'm so happy! I currently have in stock some shoes, and will in the near future have other goodies. But you can't purchase them yet, but they will be coming soon! The website is already up though, as well as the FAQ and Policies. The website has an almost identical outlook and design as this blog, just a few differences though. The store is called "Lofty Nest." I love it. Such a cute, clean name. And the slogan is "Where art & sole meet." Get it? Because soul is pronounced like sole, and a sole is in a shoe.. And I sell shoes. Yay! You get it.. Great. Still don't care if you don't. Muaha. Tis was a greeeaaat day, indeed. Here's the URL for my store! BUY MY SHIT WHEN IT'S AVAILABLE TO PUT ON THE CART! Haha. Bye! And have a great.. um night? It's 10:35 PM. Oh, well. Bye again! And again! And again! *echoes out*

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Impressions Are Always The Best

So today my dad had a half day at work... So guess where we went?! Phillippe's! A few days ago I was watching a show called Man V. Food and it's about this guy who eats a bunch of food to break records and stuff, and he was at this restaurant, and the food he ate looked SO good. So I asked my dad to take me and I loved it! Don't know where or what Phillippe's is? It's the birth place of the French dipped sandwich. So.. so good. And it's been in Chinatown for literally like 90 years. It's like a cheesesteak, but without all the grease and waaaay tastier. Haaha. So we went there, then went to the Union Station to pick up a friend, and then just stayed home. So today was cool I guess. When I was home I started exploring all the effects in my Photobooth so yeah, took a baaazillion photos. Then I started doodling and made a really weird picture, it's gonna be in the photos below btw. Haha, it's SO weeeird! And I also made a little banner sign saying, 'Steve Aoki Forever' cause i fucking love Steve Aoki. But the only thing that has been keeping me sane these past few days are Degrassi's Boiling Point on The-N aka TeenNick. AMAZING SHOW. Okay, bye! GO TO PHILLIPPE'S! Btw, I ordered a beef sandwich with swiss cheese and the soup of the day, which was Broccoli Cheese soup, and Iced Tea. Okaaay finally, have a great rest of the day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I'm back.. ahah I decided to blog again. Don't know why, I guess I'll just try to bring this thing back to life. It got to me basically, the fact that I stopped blogging. I felt some sort of emptiness inside. I know.. weird eh? Whateveeeer. Well, kinda late since today is Saturday but on Thursday, 2 days before today, I went to the library with my best friend and met up with my teacher and some boys and girls, just like 5 though. It was really fun and my teacher is HILARIOUS. But when we were there we found out that she was layed off by my high school, so that brought down the mood a little. But overall, it was fun. Oh and guess what? There's a Panda Express in this library! Fuck yes.. This library PWNS any other one. Heh. Bye my lovers. I missed you so much. Oooh, and do you see anything new in the pictures? Hhmmmm? Haaha, I gots a new pair of TOMS 2 weeks ago! Yeeee! They're a beauty.. Oh, and if you're interested in TOMS, I'll be selling them online. Not these, but like in general. Jeeez, I neeed to keep you more updated. I have a business of selling Blu-Rays and shoes. Haha, so you can comment this or message me personally for the URL of the store i have online. Again, bye bye!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Suck.. Yes, I Said It.

I am a terrible blogger now. I don't even keep this thing up to date anymore.. I'm sooooosooo sosososooo sorry. I have been SO busy preparing for my aunt's wedding, helping my mom launch her fashion line, selling my things on eBay and shipping them, and going to lunch out almost every other day with 2 specific friends. I'm really sorry, but I don't even have time for this blog anymore.. I hardly go on Myspace or Youtube anymore. I'm going to deactivate my Formspring in a few days, and Facebook is really the only website that I use to stay connected with my friends. I don't even go on AIM that much! My life has been extremely hectic the past few weeks, and I really do apologize. I feel like shit cause I promised I would have new posts like every other day about my days, and I don't even have time for that. So sorry. But there are way better blogs out there that are sort of similar to mine, but are much better. IF you want some links, message me. Another thing that has really made me pretty busy is that I'm going to conferences in Downtown, LA about sculptures about every week. It's really fun. For info about that if your interested, message me as well! Or text me! Do apologies really make everything better? No. But maybe this time, you could make an exception? I reeeeaally do feel like shit for what I'm about to say, but I don't think I will be blogging anymore. And so I wished so much to continue my blog up to 100 posts. At least I accomplished 71. :) I guess 71 is the lucky number. Well good luck with your lives guys, and um live on! ahaha just have fun. have lots and lots of fun. It's summer !!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Just To Fill Up The Cuuuup

So today, I practically did nothing. My uncle and OTHER uncle came though! And I both love them alot. So that was cool.. They're staying until this Monday, July 4th. I also found out that I am officially going to Mammoth Camp! Yaayyy! You don't even know what this means for me! Aahhh! So excited.. It's only for a week though.. From August 7-13! D: Horrible, I know! I wish it was for two! But whatever.. Btw, if you don't know what Mammoth Camp is then nobody probably likes you and you have no friends. Just kidding. It's a camp from YMCA and basically it's for 13-16 year-olds. You sleep in tents and you do archery, hiking, swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, and yeah. Might not seem amazing just saying it, but it really is fun and you make lots of friends. There are only 20 kids that are allowed to go though, It's $400 dollars. Lol. But I already have a few friends going! And it'll be a huge reunion! God, I'm so fucking excited. Also, at the end there's a dance, and basically you dance with the guy that asks you to be his date. This camp is LIFE. Too bad whoever you are isn't going! Muahaha.. Loser! Just kidding. I love you. I love all my readers. I would give you all a huge hug if i could, too bad I have cooties. Oh well. BACK TO MY POST, again, today I did nothing. So I stayed home and yeah, fooled around with pictures.. You know, same old same old. I'm such a camera-whore! Just kidding. I'm fucking ugly. HAA. Just kidding. Wow, I joke way too much.. Shit. And I swear too much! Oh my god I'm a horrible person! JUST KIDDING. Hahahahahahahhhaha. Bye! Lol. WAIT, god, I must be fucking annoying. But in case your wondering why my hair looks fucking disgusting in this post, it's because I was extremely lazy and didn't straighten it. So, I'm really sorry if you now hate me because I have nasty hair.. It's okay. I'm use to people hating me for my hair because that's completely normal. It's whatevzzzzz. Alright, bye my lovers ;)

Note To Self: Cut bangs 4 inches shorter ASAP. It looks like I'm purposely trying to grow a mullet in the front of my face. -___-