Monday, February 15, 2010

Shake It Off

Today, for the first time, my dad wrote a list for all of the things we had to do. He has never in his life, as long as i've known him, ever used a list. That shows the intensity of having to complete everything we had planned today. In 6 hours, we...

- Dropped of his laptop for repair.
- Dropped of Pancha for her surgery.
- Went to go eat breakfast at IHOP.
- Went downtown-downtown for an extra pair of my school uniform.
- Got 5 combs.
- Purchased 2 pairs of new shoes.
- Went to the movies - The Tooth Fairy Sucked Me Dry.
- Bought 2 memory cards for our camaras - His was 4 GB, Mine was 8 GB.
- Ink for our printer.
- Got 8 new pairs of socks.
- New lens for my Nikon.
- Ate Cold Stone.
- Got a new Backpack.
- Did my Math Project.
- Did my French Homework.
- Purchased some new headphones - Fuck Yeaah.

You have got to LOVE Downtown, Los Angeles. 

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