Friday, March 26, 2010

Fin De Semana Y Vampiros, Que Que?

I got Vampire Weekend's new album "Contra" in VINYL, I'm now a CERTIFIED BAMF. Feeling like a bamf, and a vamp, and samf [what's a samf?]... I feel so warm inside. Like someone threw 3 cups of hot chocolate into my soul. Hot Chocolate is imagine it in the soul? Ahh, greatness. It's like yummy in my tummy, but now in my soul. I love everything outside of school. Even that little spider in my room that I saw 2 minutes ago in the corner of my room, but when I looked back it wasn't there, so now I'm paranoid about it. Even about my white socks that are black on the bottom. Even my empty water bottles. I feel..blessed. I don't think I've ever felt like that. I can't stop smiling. So far, my favorite song on this incredible album is "Cousins" not that I don't like all the other songs, I mean they fucking TICKLE MY PICKLE to the maximum of laughs, but Cousins has this little joy to it. Even though I don't like "happy songs" I like this song. The things that Vampires do to you... x] Ironically though, I hate Twilight. It violently butchered the vampire scene. <3 <3 <3

"Me And My Cousins And You And Your Cousins."

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