Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Were On The News!?

Holy Fucking Shit. You will not believe what happened today. Especially to my Dad. Okay, so today, while we were at IHOP, my Dad asked me to look on Google and see if Target had this DVD that he wanted. So I was like, Yeah! They have it. So we decided we would go to Target after we ate breakfast. On our way Mom asked if we could stop off and get water, so my dad stopped off at this gas station RIGHT NEXT to the freeway we were gonna take to Target. So we bought the water, and on our way out, leaving the gas station. We saw a little white puppy RUNNING off an Exit off the OTHER freeway, not the one that we were going to take. And right behind the dog, we saw a man, with a business suit on, all formal and ready to go to work, RUNNING OFF THE EXIT CHASING THE DOG. And we were like, HOLY SHIT. But, the dog was so ahead of him, that he lost track of where it had left. And my Dad yelled, "Is that your dog?" And he said, "No, but it was on the freeway just now!" And then he was like, "Oh..Okay. That's crazy man!" And he was like, "Yeah, well I'm glad it's off the freeway!" And he left...running back onto the exit of the freeway to go to his car. Which by the way, he LEFT in the middle of the freeway in a lane. So we were like, okay now time to get back on our way to Target. And guess what the fuck happened now... We fucking saw the dog ON THIS FREEWAY LIKE 2 minutes into it...It was running SO fast. And there were so many cars that stopped so the dog wouldn't get run over. This by itself just blew my mind. But then, GUESS WHAT ELSE HAPPENED? The dog went under this one car, and it wouldn't get out! The next part, is not only going to make you fucking crazy, but it's going to make you fart....MY DAD RAN OUT OF THE CAR AND WENT TOWARDS THE DOG TO SAVE IT! Don't forget again, this was on a FREEWAY. It's like mortal suicide, walking into traffic, crazy shit man. And so then, 3 other guys came out of THEIR cars to help my Dad. This part, is really, really disturbing. The dog BIT my Dad's left Hand! On the thumb! But my Dad didn't quit on trying to save the dog, so his story continues... This guy hands him a jacket to try to get the dog to come out, and when my Dad FINALLY gets the dog to come out, the dog bites his RIGHT hand, THREE TIMES! I swear to god, I couldn't stop crying. And after it bit my Dad, it ran AWAY towards the exit that we were nearest to, this is on the 10 West Freeway towards Santa Monica, and it just...left. So then my Dad immediately ran to the car to drive the nearest hospital. But shit, those bites were deep. And not deep like papercut deep, fucking 3 inches DEEP into his hand. So when we get to the hospital, we wait in the emergency room...and wait...and WAIT. Finally, after 40 minutes, my dad get's called in. They give him like 4 shots against rabies since we didn't know if that dog had been vaccinated or not, and they bandage up the area. Then, believe it or not, we go BACK to Target. Which had been our original destination since 3 hours ago. And when we get there, we find out THEY DON'T HAVE THE DVD. This day is like, unforgettable. And I'm pretty sure that we were on Channel 4 News. I haven't gone to the website, nor turned the TV on, since its been pretty silent when we got yeah. Also, did you know that you can't stitch a dog bite? I never knew that. Crazy fucking day eh?
↑ That's my Dad on the right, on his knees, with the green shirt and orange Nikes.

↑ Waiting Room.