Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey, How CHU Doin?

Wtf man. I didn't do anything today. It's Saturday, and I didn't do skeet. I played on my Xbox, only did my French homework, not the math for some reason, took a shower, brushed my teeth, pee'd, and drew a couple time machines. But, when I'm home alone all day, I tend to pig out because there's nobody to tell me, "Stop eating so much junk and try some vegetables for the first time in your life!" Let me tell you my brutal menu :]

Breakfast - 2 Packs of Corn Nuts and Apple Juice [Best Skeet In The World]
1st Snack After Breakfast - 4 Chocolate Chip Cookies and Apple Juice, Again.
2nd Snack After Breakfast - An entire box of Jolly Ranchers [There's 8 in a box]
Lunch - A Small Can Of Tuna with like 3 pounds of mayonnaise and Coke Zero.
Snack After Lunch - An Entire Pack of Gum [17 Pieces In A Pack of Stride Gum]
Dinner - An Entire Bag of Butter Lover's, Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn and Apple Juice.

I'm surprised I haven't been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes. I'm One Lucky Bastard.
I'm Pretty Chubby, But Fucking Anorexic Considering All The Shiz I Eat.
And Thing Is, I Have A Flat Belly Sort Of, So Idk Where It All Goes.
I Guess I Just Have A Naturally Thin Physique. I weigh 113 pounds.
It's ALL About The Genes, Fat-Ass-Mother-Fucker.

"We Love To See Your Fat!"

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