Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bunnies Don't Even Lay Eggs...They're Marsipuals!

Easter fucking sucked for me. I had to work on my project for Biology. It was due on Tuesday, which meant I had 2 days since I didn't work on it at all over Spring Break and every fucking craft store, including Target and Wal-Mart were closed! We went all over Santa Monica. Blink, Pearls, Michaels, and everything was closed! Ugh! But on Monday we ended up buying all the materials and I did the project in 7 hours...So my entire Sunday was basically wasted. We had to create an animal in the future, that was realistic, but had evolutionized at the same time. Mine was a Kird, a product of a Koala and a bird. I have to admit, It came out reallyyyy good... Oh shiz, I didn't tell you that TOYS-R-US was open! So we bought some Koala fur there to make my Koala out of...hahaha. TOYS-R-US scares me though :/ I hope you had a much better Easter than me! Bye! Darth Vader Pinatas!

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