Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cla$$ & D!gn!ty

Hey guyyss, I did nothing today. Like always. Only thing I did, was draw, go to Rite-Aid and buy some ice cream for $1.29, and make a video. Btw if you haven't noticed I'm starting to vlog everyday now on YouTube so subscribe for greatness! Youtube username is larissa14431. Pretty straight forward. Aaaaand I gots some new glasses! I love them! I actually popped out the lens cause the lens were really ugly, like mirror lens, and I hate those lens. So yeah ^_^ What do you think? Also, the photo was taken literally just for this blog. Meaning, 10 seconds ago. And It's 12:06 AM. So... that's why I look gross and the lighting is disgusting. AND the quality is shit.

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