Thursday, September 9, 2010

Done, Done, and... Done

I'm done with this blog. I just don't have that fascination with blogs anymore, or this one. Idk. It just got too old for me. I will NEVER delete this blog though. I might reminisce one day and write another post. But not too soon. I'm getting REALLY into Daily Booth and slowly getting over Facebook. It's SO boring now. Seriously... I'm still thinking about deactivating it. Myspace I have been over since like 2009 and I've had it since 2006. But I won't delete it because I do have some family members and friends on there that I have no other communication with, and of course a few friends who won't make a Facebook or don't have a phone. So yeah. All I'm into right now, is YouTube and Daily Booth. Screw everything else, including AIM. I hate AIM. And I hate people who have AIMs. Yes, I hate myself. Hahahaha. Follow me on Daily Booth. If you want. I really don't care. Ahahaha. Have a GREAT day. And school starts this Monday. GREAAAATTT!

^ No edit. Just for you readers ;)