Tuesday, September 1, 2009

San Diego, bummer.

Yesterday at around 3 i left from LA to San Diego. On our way here, we stopped at Taco Bell. I got some nachos that were 79 cents?! Honestly, when i saw that I thought it was a joke. But when I got the nachos, it really didn't deserve to have the title, 'Three Layer Nachos.' Anyways, I'm staying at my grandfather's house with my uncle and his daughter [cousin.] She's fun but I'd rather be in LA. So far, today, I've done absolutely nothing. We were planning to watch Final Destination in 3D. It's funny how the modo for the movie on the billboards n' stuff is, 'Death saved the best for 3D.' That's really funny. We didn't end up going because she had to go to work. So all I've been doing since 12 up till now and probably until i go to sleep, is watching TheFABLife on Vh1. It's okay I guess. I'm just not exactly use to being home all day watching that stuff. Normally I just tune in and stay home to watch my daily dose of the AIDS epidemic [Real Chance of Love, My Antonio, Tool Academy, etc.] Lately I've been active going out with friends. I guess maybe I needed a break from that? Who knows. All I know is I could go for some fresh cut mango, cap n' crunch, and some chocolate ships right now. Peace Out, I'm out n' about....sike.


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