Monday, September 7, 2009

Beach and Bipolars

So today I went to the beach! Very exciting news for not only me, but for my summer! Surprisingly, I had fun. I went with Mom, Dad, and one of my best friends Tanesi. I haven't seen her in about a month and we live one block away? Ironic much? Yes. She's been in San Francisco, and she's been staying with her Dad lately, so that explains why we haven't seen much of eachother. By the way, her parents are divorced. Anyways, back to this INTRIGUING story, her and I went into the waves! But when I say that, I mean extremely far from shore! I was pretty scared in the beginning, but after a while [4 minutes] I was having fun. I can adapt so easily to these kind of relaxing settings, considering i had one of those floating thingies, not the donuts. The floaters you wear, but not the ones with the buckle. Nevermind, too hard to explain. So after that, we went to the Venice boardwalk...HOLY CRAP [sorry for the swearing, but I needed to say it], there are SO many people, it's FUCKING crazy. Oh, and I saw this guy on his bike, with his dog! After that, we went to Souplantation. Honestly, their food basically tasted bland to me. But, that's just me! So now, I'm home. And I just finished fighting with my mom, who almost gave me a heart attack. And I'm the bad person? Whatever. Gaaa school on Wednesday, you can just imagine the thrill for that day, rousing through my veins! YES! SCHOOL! YES! -.- Bye bye.

          Btw, here's the picture of the guy + dog on bike in Venice ↓

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