Saturday, September 19, 2009

Venice [again]

Today was a GREAT dayI I got my braces off! Yesyesyes! I actually got those torture chains off of my little golden pupils! I got them off last wednesday! I hope your happy for me! Even though nobody really reads this? I'll put a link in  my facebook soon though! Hehe so today I went to  the beach with my sister, Monique, her boyfriend Ricky, my mom, and my dad. I know that sounds like a surpassingly, unpleasant day, but it was the opposite! Me and my sister when way into the waves and I learned how to ride a boogeyboard [I don't think I spelled that write :P]! So just that there was great! Then after we went to the boardwalk, btw this is in Venice. Then there my sister bought me a poncho! Holy crap I'ts so fudging warm and not itchy AT ALL! Plus it was only 15.00! While we were walking we saw this guy with gold paint all over him, looking like a statue, and we all know that they're not, but I didn't really notice him. And out of nowhere he like yells and moves and I yelled, 'Holy Shit!' so loud! It was really embarrassing but whatever, I can't blame the guy/freak who thinks he's a statue and knows he won't earn more than 5.00 per day for doing that. After that we saw this weird soap box race which was quite amusing, for 10 minutes. Haha then we went to eat tacos, which were delicioso. After that we went to Ralphs and I bought some Lunchables. How fucking great are those?! I haven't had one since 7th grade, which was 2 years ago. You know how everyone always says, 'Time flies!' and 'Oh don't worry kids, this year will go bye so fast, you won't even feel it!' Well, I do feel it, and time never flew for me, but starting from today, I now believe in that saying because I remember 7th grade as if it were last week[not yesterday]! And that's not because of my age, I really do feel like I'm in 7th grade and remember all the details! Ahh, okay so back to the point, even though there really isn't a point to writing this? Today was a good day. Oh and I found out my Dad's getting me a Nikon for my birthday! :] And guess what?! THIS WEDNESDAY IS MY FUDGING BIRTHDAY! SEPTEMBER 23 BABY! Yus! Okay, that's enough for now! Bye bye :]

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