Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chester Cheetah Raped Me!?

Okay, so unfortunately I guess I did have something to write in my last blog :/ but I can say it now. On Friday night, last friday, the 12th, I had a really bizarre dream. If your not interested in a slightly long nightmare of mine please leave right now or check my other posts! OH WAIT let me tell yyou what also happened on Friday to me, other than the dream ahaha.

WHAT HAPPENED ON FRIDAY: I went to the theaters to see Shutter Island with....my parents. yay... aha okay so we went to the regal theater which is the new one that's next to L.A. LIVE which is like a block away from the Staples Center. Btw, I live like 2 blocks from L.A. Live near the lofts and IHOP ^.^ anwywaays, since there was like a really long line my dad was like okay you and your mom get off while I park, here's some money, and he gave me $20 bucks so I was like uhh okay. And when we got off I saw these really hot kids and I was like uh fuck man...And so then my mom and I went to go get in line then my Dad like comes back and he's like WAIT HERE'S MORE MONEY I DIDN'T GIVE YOU ENOUGH. And he yelled that...really loud. First, he was like, Larissa!!!! And I kind of ignored him cause I was already embarrassed enough...then he was like LARISSA MARTINEZ! And I was like WHAT DAD and he said to come cause he didn't give me enough money...he gave me an extra $5 bucks -.- and the hot guys were right there...and they were laughing.....and then I started laughing..but it really was not that funny. So then when I'm like counting the money to finish it off...my mom yells in spanish, "Larissa come!!! Hurry up!!!" BTW THIS WAS IN MOTHERFUCKING SPANISH. There were even adults who were laughing at me. fucking bullshit man. ugh. so then we buy the tickets, we go in, and my mom's like, you wait for your dad here while I go to get our seats and I'm like kk... So when I thought the torture was over THEY COME IN. THE GUYS MOTHERFUCKING COME IN AND SIT LIKE NEAR ME WHILE I'M WAITING FOR MY DAD. And so finally after 3 minutes which felt like an hour my dad comes and we get in line to get like popcorn and all that good stuff and GUESS WHAAT! The guys get in line behind me!!! :( i was like ughh!!!!! And I ccould hear them laughing behind me, but they weren't laughing at me..they were laughing at something else cause they were talking about some guy that goes to their school or something, but I was still really paranoid..kill me? but yeah, finally we got our food and left and yeah...ahah btw these kids go to my high school and it was 2 guys and one guy with his gf who also goes to my school. I saw them today, but I don't really know them so I wasn't like, "HEY GUYS!!!! I WAS WITH YOU AT THE MOVIES!!! WELL NOT WITH YOU BUT I WAS THERE AND I SAW YOU!!!!" they'd be all like, "okay...that's not creepy at all." ahah anyways crazy shit man.

NOW TO MY DREAM: When I got home like afterschool cause sometimes I take the bus but most of the time I go to my friend's houses during the week. But I chose to take the bus home on Friday for some reason and I just decided out of nowhere that I wanted to buy a bag of chips, specifically hot cheeetos ^.^ so I buy them and I eat them at home in like 5 minutes...ahaha once again...that's not creepy at all. But also I ate two of those bags like the really big bags of hot cheetos on Thursday. It was 2 of those bags that are like 2 for $5 bucks. Not 2 $1 bags...lmfao. And I ate BOTH in under an hour. So I had like an overload of cheetos...then on Friday I eat MORE. And When I got home after the movies I had a really bizarre dream. In my dream, It was that Friday, and everything was going normal, I bought the cheetos but them in my bag and continued walking home, but then...something horrible happened. I WAS RAPED BY AN OLD MAN. And this had happened cause I JUST TOTALLY DECIDED TO BUY SOME HOT CHEETOS. Cause if I didn't then this wouldn't have happened. So I was like wtf...And when I woke up I was crying..DON'T LAUGH AT ME >.< ahaha and one of the big bags was still in my room, but it was empty and it was next to my bed and I was staring at it like...you little bitch! You see what you've done to me! So yeah ahaha it's like, Chester Cheetah was like, okay girlll slow down on DEM hot cheetos or THIS will happen to you. I just wanted to share this experience with you because I love you oh so much. BYE!

^^ son of a bitch.

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