Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shorts, Morts, They'll Never Know The Difference!

Usually, I hate Sundays, almost as much as I hate Mondays. But, today was pretty good. I went shopping, which I haven't done in 10 years. I purchased some new shoes, which I am OBSESSED with. They're kitty shoes...meow. I camerawhored them with over 10 pictures. My closet MOSTLY consists of American Apparel, but Urban and Forever play a nice role too. Hot Topic use to be ALL my closet had, but I matured and grew out of that state. But they really do have some nice jeans here and there. I think I have a pair of jeans from there, that are really comfy, soft as hell, and stretch to the last thread. I have another pair of jeans from Urban, whom I love with all my heart. All my other jeans, which I don't wear, are from Abercrombie. Anyways, here's what I bought today. Oh, and I sincerely, SINCERELY, apologize for my THUNDER THIGHS. Believe me, I hate them more than you do. Enjoy my little sweat peas.

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