Saturday, April 17, 2010

Child, Let Me Use My Strong Hand!

Today, I went with Daisy to go buy her dress for a party that we're going together to next Saturday. We went to the Americana and had so much fun! No, I'm not being sarcastic. Lmfao. We....bought her dress, i bought some clothes, ate Pinkberry, saw robot fights, bought some fabric for my dress that my mom's making me, stole money from the fountain and bought a soda with that money, bought her shoes, ate corn, ate churros, and saw The Uninvited and Scary Movie 2. Here's 2 pictures of the 2 shirts I got, and pictures of Daisy that she doesn't know I took, but still manages to look like a ninja. I don't have the picture of her dress, which is fucking beautiful CAUSE I SAW IT AND TOLD HER OMG I LOVE THIS DRESS, haha, and I also do not have the pictures of all the other stuff I got which was a belt, 6 rings, a bracelet.

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