Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Flick Me Off!

I have developed a fetish for rings. Of course, I still have an obsession with socks, but rings are like, my world right now. I've been buying them from all over the place..the internet, stores, the mall, EVERYWHERE! Today, we had free-dress at school! So that explains why I'm wearing a black shirt. Btw, I took this right when I got home. Something else incredible happened today, I got 3 rings that ordered online, and i LOVE them. Listed from left to right [on your screen], snake ring on my middle finger, blue lapis ring on my ring finger. Other hand - light blue-grey ring on my ring finger, and blue-green-aqua silver ring on my middle finger. I now have exactly 11 rings :)

"May The Snake Be With You, Haha! Oh, And Fuck You"

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