Friday, April 23, 2010

Walking With Scissors

Should I tell you what happened to me a few hours ago? No. I shouldn't. YES. Yes I should. Because if you read this piece of CRAYUP, then your MY piece of crayup <3 But then you wouldn't love me anymore...if you even do now? Hmmm. Fuck. Okayyyy, I got a haircut. I'm NOT posting a picture of it. I HATE it. So so much. I look like a fucking fool. They cut my bangs too. That's the funniest part about the haircut, but the funniest part about this entire situation, is that tomorrow I'm going to a party, and I'm gonna look like an idiot, with this bullshit hair. It's a joke. At least all my split ends are gone. And now instead of the bottom half of my hair being blondish, now it's only a very small portion at the bottom. I guess everything really does have a bright side. Hmm. Well you'll still see my initially GREAT hair, now STUPID hair in the pictures i'll take tomorrow. I'll obviously put them on here, but I'm scared your going to stop reading the entire thing itself. God I'm such a fucktard.

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