Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Big Number

This weekend I went to San Fran <3 I visited my family and had so much fun, I didn't even have time to take any pictures! I know..Crazy. I'm starting to realize that you don't need to show the world what you do on an ongoing basis by taking pictures..Not everything has to be documented on film. For me, it's now being documented in my mind, clear as water, for life. :] It was my cousin's 21st birthday, and I had soo much fun! While we were there, my Dad also was working on an extremely important case about a couple who were 15 and died TOGETHER while the train hit them. They died..and the train driver supposedly said that they "commited suicide," but I don't believe that. Fucking bullshit. The train company they're suing is called Amtrak, and I've rode on their trains before. Really sad stuff man..BUT the party was AMAZING! And I had an all nighter last night [Saturday night] With my other cousin Querida. She's HILARIOUS <3 Funnier than me? hhaaha she wishes! Bye!

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