Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5 for 2 DOLLA!

Today I got out of school at 12:30! How fucking amazing is that..pretty amazing. So of course since I'm totally not a loser, I did something today after school! I deserve a pat on the back. After school I went with my two other friends Sarahi and Esbeydi to the "Swapmeet on Alameda." I had never gone to a swapmeet, so it seemed like fun! And it was! To get there, we took the Metro Train to the swapmeet which took roughly 15 minutes? Then we got off, walked 2 blocks, then the adventure began! They seriously had EVERYTHING. From strollers, to pantyhose, to salons, to fucking churros! Which were by the way CHEAP AS HELL and AMAZING. Only $4 for like 20 huge churro sticks..I ended up only eating 5 and gave the rest to my friends. Hahaha.. We were there from 1:00 to 3:00! We had so much fun..And saw so many hot guys. Omg! Also, on our train ride from the school to the swapmeet we saw a guy with his girlfriend selling water in an ice cooler packed with ice to maintain a balanced temperate..Lmfao was that just me or did I sound like if I was in science? Hhmmm, well yeah. We saw him on our way to it, and then on our way back, HE WAS ON THE TRAIN AGAIN. It was so creepy. Haha..Then, we took the train back to the school after our adventure, and Esbeydi took the bus to her house, and Sarahi took a different bus to her house, and I took ANOTHER bus to my house. I got home at 3:50! Like always! And the reason why there are no pictures from today on here is because they told me today they were gonna go, and I didn't even ask my parents if I could go. I just said, hhmmm okie dokie, I shall go! So it was kinda like a last minute thing. Sarahi did take about 10 pictures or so on her phone, and will be sending them to me soon, so HOPEFULLY I shall upload some pictures of our day! My parents also didn't know about the early dismissal time, so they didn't even find out I did anything today! Lmfao. My mom gets home at 6:00 and my dad gets home at 7:00. So I still had PLENTY of time. Lastly..TODAY WAS AWESOME! ^___^

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