Tuesday, May 4, 2010


hahaha i'm suchhh a lonerr fire! seriously..eeeeepp! BTW, i got a lookbook! how awesome is that? not awesome at all huh? haha well if you know what it is, then yeah good for you, but if you don't, let me care to explain. Lookbook.nu is a website that is youth inspired, and basically a blog of some sort of people young, and old, publishing their styles or outfits, or anything about clothing. It's actually pretty lovely! the only catch is that, you either need an invitation code to join the website and become a member to Hype people's outfits or comment them, or even post one up. If you don't receive an invitation code by a user there that you know, that's okay! you can still join! but you would have to send an email to Lookbook telling them why you would be a great addition to their website, with the email send in a picture of your first look [outfit], and explain yourself, backround and why your interested! i did that, and was accepted! i was so proud of myself! haha but i've posted 2 outfits, and only my first one was hyped :( boooo. here's my badge from lookbook, C L I C K  I T ! haa bye.. have a great life, and you don't have to click it if you don't want to >.<

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