Thursday, May 13, 2010

D': and a little :D and some ♥

oh my god..i haven't wrote in my blog for 10 fucking days. holy crapity crap craap.... :o
i have my reasons though. i've been so, sooo busy with projects for this week. i had 3 projects due this week, and 2 tests, no not CST tests, actual class tests that were huge. i've been studying, and then adding to all that, i also had a lot of homework. andddddd i've also been falling in love :) with this guy called Angel. i thought this whole time his name was alex xD but his like codename/nickname to me and my friends was God. so isn't it like really cool that his name is Angel and i called him God? like woahh what a coincidence..maybe were meant to be together? he's also quiet, and funny [if you get to know him], andaand plays the drums. he knows how to play Chop Suey by System of A Down. i was obbbsssed with that song a month ago! and i found out earlier this week that he knows how to play on the drums! we have sooo much in common, it's crazy..after i found out, which was monday. guess what i did? hahahaaha i got home and played my drums on rock band, and played the song on medium, and fucking like failed it. hah i was booo'd off under 30 seconds -.- sooo i kept practicing for about an hour and did excellent! so i was tired after, and started my work. then on tuesday when i got home, i played again, Chop Suey from 3:51 PM to 5:35 PM. i played the song....26 TIMES!!! ON HARD!!! and now i'm like an expert on the song!! i keep on listening to it in the car, over and over and over, then move my hands with the gestures i would on the drums and move my right foot, pedaling to the song..i'm in love..and i did all this for him <3 i've never felt an attraction so intense in my life. the worst part though, is that he's a senior and he's leaving. and i'm probably never going to see him again. :[

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