Friday, May 28, 2010

Silver Silver Moon Moon

Okay, so what I did today, specifically events that happened are going to take me HOURS to type. So let me just list everything. Kapeesh? Kapeesh. Oh, and everything I did today, my parents had no knowing of. As in, they thought I was home all day.

1. Took the Dash [bus] to my high school to meet up with Esbeydi and her little sister at 11 AM.
2 [Part 1]. Saw Angel, aka my obsession, aka God, at the Metro Train bus stop!! :O With all of his friends! And they all had their skateboards with them! I couldn't believe it! My palms got all sweaty n shit.. hahhaha. So did my pits ;P
2 [Part 2]. Took the Metro Train to Alameda.
3. Ate pizza and Coke for breakfast.
4. Went to the Swapmeet at Alameda, again..It's amazing! They have everything imaginable..
5. I bought a pair of jeans. She bought a skirt and shirt.
6. Ate nachos and drank Horchata. Btw, Horchata is a rice-cinnamon drink. It's amazing ^___^
7. Left the Alameda Swapmeet at 2:00 PM.
8. Took the Metro Train to the park.
9. Got to her house at 2:30 PM.
10. At her house we had fucking amazing bread that I am now obsessed with, played with her chihuahua, watched videos on YouTube, and looked at the most amazing website ever! [My blog..hahha.]
11. Left her house at 4:00 PM.
12. Took the Metro Train back to my school.
13. Took the Dash [bus] back to my house.
14. Got home at 4:45 PM.

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