Sunday, May 30, 2010

The World And Teenagers, They Have Something In Common?

I have a friend. Umm, I honestly don't know whether I should say HER name on here.. I don't know if she'd be okay with it since I do know that I have quite some readers, not followers, but readers. To stay in the safe zone, I'm gonna keep it clean, not mention her name. Just a precaution, I don't know whether this is going to be a depressing, sad, or comparison post, but it sure isn't going to be a "happy" or "life changing" post. If you're not into the "teen complains" kinds of posts, I advise you to leave NOW and quit reading the rest.

Back to my post..So today I stayed home the ENTIRE day. You know, watched TV, played on my Xbox, ate chips, just pigged out and relaxed. While I was home, I didn't mention that I was also on the internet, just checking out all my friend's blogs and tumblr's backing up until the first post..Did that for quite some time today. Approximately 5 hours? I did though, stumble upon a friend's tumblr. It stood out from the rest..specifically for 3 reasons; A: She kinda used it as a blog, which was different, but very clever. B: What she blogged out, it wasn't critique on clothing, food, or jewelry. It was much more deep and indepth of her life, and her story, andddd her contribution to the globe. C: She wrote very intelligently, and realized that she had an extended vocabulary, which is very rare in teens.

She was writing about her life. About how she was very different from us, from her family. Surprisingly, upon going through all her posts, I shed a couple tears. She's...a very complex person. She has trusting issues. But I mean, who doesn't? She's just the only one who will admit it. Her family, they're one of a kind. Especially her mother, and I have witnessed how biased she is towards her daughter [the writer.] One post though, caught my attention immediately. It talked about how she was depressed, lowkey that is. And how she wanted to change the world. Honestly, I think she can. The kind of mentality this girl has, it's incredible. She's not weird, she's simply a rare kind. She was also talking about how she wanted to create a book talking about 1 specific family residing in many different cultures, and talking about their sufferings and obstacles they had in life, but realizing how intense their bonds were. Much closer than a family who lives in Beverly Hills with 10 rooms and 9 bathrooms, with 4 maids, and 2 chauffers.

I express my deepest love towards this girl. She deserves so much respect for what she goes through, on a daily basis since she was young. She enjoys solitude even though she has an incredible, caring boyfriend. Quoting from her tumblr, "I'm okay with reading a book for 5 hours, while everyone else is going to parties and getting drunk." I don't think we as a public....well her readers, lol...realize how good we have it. But it's okay, I mean, can ONE girl REALLY change the world? Well, we'll have to wait and see. :)

Disclaimer: This picture has been taken from her Tumblr. No infragement intended. I'm not actually being like all legal and shit. I just want her to know I'm not stealing it from her xD

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