Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hoot Hoot Moo Moo

Today, I reeally didn't do anything. Just stayed home, played Rock Band for literally 4 hours, ate, took a nap, watched 2 movies online, bought one on pay-per view, and yeah, that's it. My mom's launching her fashion line with two other co-workers and she needed me to edit some pictures because of the lighting the photos with the models were taken in was terrible. She's paying me 10 cents for each photo, and there's 197 photos. Haahha. So yeah. Then, one of my friends who lives a block away from me came over and we went to the Farmer's Market, the one at The Grove. But something incredible happened! Btw, my friend is 19, so yeah.. While driving to the Farmer's Market we found a large, great horned owl on the side of the freeway! It was next to a tall concrete wall. He, or she, could fly, but not very well. It kinda looked like it may have gotten clipped by a car =[ But we caught him in mid-flight before it got out of traffic. I actually was sticking half of my body outside of the window and caught it! I almost fell out though. Pretty scary. I lost my breath for a few seconds from the fear I had for myself and of course the owl. I somehow managed to not get bitten or ripped open by his huge claws. But it doesn't matter, it's an innocent animal.. Since this was on our way to the Market, not back home, we had to bring him with us. He was preeeetty mad as you can see in the photos.. Lmao. It was tricky to photograph him, but that's what Nikons are made for! 0.3 seconds for a snapshot! Haaha. I had to hold him with one hand in my lap and work the camera with the other and it sucks, cause my lens aren't auto focus! I have to focus them manually cause they're these old vintage zoom lens! We met one of the homeowners near the Market that gave us a box, so that made things quite a bit easier. We dropped him off at a state park on our way back home at an animal rescue organization. They sent a team to come pick him up. I'm not sure if they knew he was already in a box.. So yeah, hope you had a great day in one of many to come in your summer! Bye!


  1. i know! it was the only exciting part of my day.. =[

  2. Wow, that's really cool! And yeah, he looks pissed lmao..and btw, u have a great blog site! :D
    -Brandon Papoooo

  3. haha yeahh i thought i was gonna die when i reached for the owl when it was in the air :o and thank you thank you Brandon :D