Monday, June 21, 2010

Fresh Air At Last

Today, my friends and I ditched our last day of school and went to the beach. Exciting eehhh? We left to the beach at 8 AM, and left the beach at 2 PM. We went to McDonald's, and they all ate breakfast there. Since I don't eat McDonald's, after they ate we went to a cafe on the other side of the block and I ate breakfast there. Then, we just stayed at the beach or the remaining 5 hours. It was a greeaaaat day, and we had lots of deep conversations about our futures, love lives, and basically about ourselves. I can't believe summer is finally here. I'm going to have SO many posts... So prepare yourself some lemonade, and let the fun begin. Bye, and I hope you have a GREAT summer! Ohhh as I always do, last note: I'm aware I have pale ass feet. So don't comment me telling me that or something.. I hate them -___- Ooookay, BYE!

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