Friday, July 2, 2010

Just To Fill Up The Cuuuup

So today, I practically did nothing. My uncle and OTHER uncle came though! And I both love them alot. So that was cool.. They're staying until this Monday, July 4th. I also found out that I am officially going to Mammoth Camp! Yaayyy! You don't even know what this means for me! Aahhh! So excited.. It's only for a week though.. From August 7-13! D: Horrible, I know! I wish it was for two! But whatever.. Btw, if you don't know what Mammoth Camp is then nobody probably likes you and you have no friends. Just kidding. It's a camp from YMCA and basically it's for 13-16 year-olds. You sleep in tents and you do archery, hiking, swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, and yeah. Might not seem amazing just saying it, but it really is fun and you make lots of friends. There are only 20 kids that are allowed to go though, It's $400 dollars. Lol. But I already have a few friends going! And it'll be a huge reunion! God, I'm so fucking excited. Also, at the end there's a dance, and basically you dance with the guy that asks you to be his date. This camp is LIFE. Too bad whoever you are isn't going! Muahaha.. Loser! Just kidding. I love you. I love all my readers. I would give you all a huge hug if i could, too bad I have cooties. Oh well. BACK TO MY POST, again, today I did nothing. So I stayed home and yeah, fooled around with pictures.. You know, same old same old. I'm such a camera-whore! Just kidding. I'm fucking ugly. HAA. Just kidding. Wow, I joke way too much.. Shit. And I swear too much! Oh my god I'm a horrible person! JUST KIDDING. Hahahahahahahhhaha. Bye! Lol. WAIT, god, I must be fucking annoying. But in case your wondering why my hair looks fucking disgusting in this post, it's because I was extremely lazy and didn't straighten it. So, I'm really sorry if you now hate me because I have nasty hair.. It's okay. I'm use to people hating me for my hair because that's completely normal. It's whatevzzzzz. Alright, bye my lovers ;)

Note To Self: Cut bangs 4 inches shorter ASAP. It looks like I'm purposely trying to grow a mullet in the front of my face. -___-


  1. whats the name of the camp???? by any chance is it camp whittle???...oohh and from where do you depart again is it by any chance from the ketchum YMCA???

  2. no it's not camp whittle. it's mammoth camp. yeah, we depart at Ketchum on August 7th.