Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Suck.. Yes, I Said It.

I am a terrible blogger now. I don't even keep this thing up to date anymore.. I'm sooooosooo sosososooo sorry. I have been SO busy preparing for my aunt's wedding, helping my mom launch her fashion line, selling my things on eBay and shipping them, and going to lunch out almost every other day with 2 specific friends. I'm really sorry, but I don't even have time for this blog anymore.. I hardly go on Myspace or Youtube anymore. I'm going to deactivate my Formspring in a few days, and Facebook is really the only website that I use to stay connected with my friends. I don't even go on AIM that much! My life has been extremely hectic the past few weeks, and I really do apologize. I feel like shit cause I promised I would have new posts like every other day about my days, and I don't even have time for that. So sorry. But there are way better blogs out there that are sort of similar to mine, but are much better. IF you want some links, message me. Another thing that has really made me pretty busy is that I'm going to conferences in Downtown, LA about sculptures about every week. It's really fun. For info about that if your interested, message me as well! Or text me! Do apologies really make everything better? No. But maybe this time, you could make an exception? I reeeeaally do feel like shit for what I'm about to say, but I don't think I will be blogging anymore. And so I wished so much to continue my blog up to 100 posts. At least I accomplished 71. :) I guess 71 is the lucky number. Well good luck with your lives guys, and um live on! ahaha just have fun. have lots and lots of fun. It's summer !!!!

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