Thursday, July 29, 2010

Show Me Your Ribs

What a relaaaxing DAY! Lazy too. = DREAM COME TRUE. I didn't do anything! Took a break off of monitoring my store, monitoring my eBay listing and bids, doing the laundry, and going to the postal office EVERYDAY. So great. I just walked to The Great Steak restaurant a few blocks away and got myself a delicious sandwich with fries and Pepsi. Then I just hung out with my baby on my bed and we gave eachother massages and played with her favorite string! It's actually like a braided belt thing from American Apparel that I bought for myself for like 20 bucks but I never wore it, so I use to entertain her now. Then of course.. Went mega shopping online! Hahaa. I bought TONS OF SHIT from Forever 21 more specifically Heritage 1981, umm tons of dresses and gorgeous shirts from Urban's sale rack, a Viva Radio shirt from American Apparel, and 3 shirts from Threadless, AND a beautiful art print from Theadless! But there was one thing I just really wanted but knew I shouldn't buy it, but I still want to... The Deux Lux Side Pocket Hobo Bag! Holy fuck.. It's like, god. I would seriously have sex with the bag if I owned it. Hehe. Also, a few days ago Panchita ripped my 3rd Macbook charger in 6th months.. I got so pissed off, but whatever. It's in her nature to be destructive so I don't think she actually did it with bad intentions. BUT the charger is $81 dollars! :( And to add to the bad news, I have the most chapped lips in the world. They hurt SO much. Nivea... "A Kiss Of Moisture?" MY ASS! Shit doesn't moisture.. Because of this oral medication I'm on it dries my entire body including my lips and scalp, so my lips bleed a few times during the day, especially if I laugh. They start to bleed for a few minutes and I can't lick them for the next hour because saliva is salty.. If you know of a good chapstick PLEASE message me or comment or something. Burt's Bee's is good, but it's too general, and the brand "Chapstick" isn't good for shit. My friend told me Nivea was good, so I tried it, but it's not working.. And I've been putting it on 6 times a day for the past 2 weeks.. NOTHING. So yeah, WHAZZUP. I mean, WHAZZDOWN. Bye beautiful.. animals, or humans. Also, don't forget to check out my new store! Thanks! The stuff isn't available yet, so just wait like a week. Haha, kay BYE!

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