Monday, July 26, 2010

Pursuit Of... Bargains! Oh, And Happiness Too.

Hey! I FINALLY have my new store up! I'm so happy! I currently have in stock some shoes, and will in the near future have other goodies. But you can't purchase them yet, but they will be coming soon! The website is already up though, as well as the FAQ and Policies. The website has an almost identical outlook and design as this blog, just a few differences though. The store is called "Lofty Nest." I love it. Such a cute, clean name. And the slogan is "Where art & sole meet." Get it? Because soul is pronounced like sole, and a sole is in a shoe.. And I sell shoes. Yay! You get it.. Great. Still don't care if you don't. Muaha. Tis was a greeeaaat day, indeed. Here's the URL for my store! BUY MY SHIT WHEN IT'S AVAILABLE TO PUT ON THE CART! Haha. Bye! And have a great.. um night? It's 10:35 PM. Oh, well. Bye again! And again! And again! *echoes out*

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