Monday, August 30, 2010

Severely Low Battery

Hey! Haven't blogged in a while.. Don't exactly know when because I didn't look at the date from my earlier post. So this past Wednesday my cousin Cecily came from the Bay in San Francisco and stayed for a few days. She's coming this October and staying for 5 months in our home because she's going to be going to JoBlasco makeup school in Hollywood for her career. She's going to be a professional makeup artist/gore artist. Don't you just love it? Haha, and she's 18... So she's ahead of the game. AND she drives. So basically... Best 5 months ever. FUCK MY FRIENDS. I'm gonna be with her 24/7. Lmao. Just kidding. Kinda.. Lol. Yesterday I went to Cafe Was with my best adult friend.. Rosalinda! It was AMAZING. I seriously cannot even explain how beautiful the cafe is. You HAVE to go. Yeah.. It's a little pricey, but what do you expect? It's not fucking Carl's Jr. Haha, also the head chef at the cafe was the winner of Bravo's show Iron Chef! Nice, eh? Then we went to a tea shop next door and got some boba, and a chocolate chip cookie to go ^.^ Today, Sunday, I just relaxed at home, bought some more stock, aka the TOMS shoes. I'm making so much money. Finally. Haha, I have a fixed, or close to fixed income! I only relaxed until around, 6ish? Then my mom and I went to Hollywood and went shopping! <3 We got home at around 11ish, but I'm making this post in the AM, so it'll say I'm typing this on Monday, which I technically am. I took a few photos of a few shirts I got, but I also purchased two other dresses, and a skirt. Reason why I didn't take photos of them? Didn't look good with my tights and black boots. Haha.. Okay, BYE! Wait!! Another thing, I just discovered a band called "The Black Keys." THEY'RE FUCKING AMAZING. They're like.. hmm.. A modern mix to jazz, and indie.. Put together. So search them up.. Buy all their shit, and yeah. Haha, favorite song so far, Tighten Up <3 Bye, and talk to you laaater maaater.

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