Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shooting Roots

I went shopping today! Finally..Fuck. I purchased 3 dresses, 2 skirts, and a basic shirt. As you can see, I kinda have this obsession with floral print. Haa.. Today was fun.. Too bad the Lakers lost. Oh wells! I really don't care. Hahahha.. Bye bye. Oh, and yes.. I have gained a FEW pounds as you can see in the last picture. My tummy is like kind of sticking out. But this was taken like 2 minutes ago, after I ate broccoli, carrots, soup, AND tortilla.. So yeah. Lmao. And alsoo, those jeans are like kinda tight on me.. :/ Damn, I need some new jeans. FUCK. Why diddddn't I get them today?! Ugh.. I'm such a dumbshit. Seriously! :(

"I Love No One, And No One Loves Me"


  1. i love you larissa!!!...even though i know you love that kid angel :[ i wish i was brave enough to tell you straight out but i cant so i have to reserve who i am and stay anonymous hopefully someday i can tell you who i am

  2. 0.o yeah.. who are you? but, i do love Angel, so sorrrry. we shall be frieends!