Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unusually Normal?

Todaaaaay, my mom picked me up from school! Yay! No bus to take home :) ! And it get's better. After school, my mom took me to the nearest Urban Outfitters to me which was in Beverly Hills and purchased some shoesies! Andaaand they're my FIRST heels! :D I'm so happy! They're GORGEOUS. Satin black heels? Can't get any better. And I got them for one of my good friend's Quincenera this Saturday. Shit, I still need to get her present. Lmao, I think I'm just gonna give her money because I believe that's the best gift. You can spend it on ANYTHING your mind wishes. So, why not? It's the easiest, and best choice. I'm so siked for the party. Ahh, hahha. Well, I'll see ya'llz laterzzz! Wow, imagine if I actually wrote all ghetto? I think I would die, from being ghetto. Cause that's totally possible. BYE!

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