Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Impressions Are Always The Best

So today my dad had a half day at work... So guess where we went?! Phillippe's! A few days ago I was watching a show called Man V. Food and it's about this guy who eats a bunch of food to break records and stuff, and he was at this restaurant, and the food he ate looked SO good. So I asked my dad to take me and I loved it! Don't know where or what Phillippe's is? It's the birth place of the French dipped sandwich. So.. so good. And it's been in Chinatown for literally like 90 years. It's like a cheesesteak, but without all the grease and waaaay tastier. Haaha. So we went there, then went to the Union Station to pick up a friend, and then just stayed home. So today was cool I guess. When I was home I started exploring all the effects in my Photobooth so yeah, took a baaazillion photos. Then I started doodling and made a really weird picture, it's gonna be in the photos below btw. Haha, it's SO weeeird! And I also made a little banner sign saying, 'Steve Aoki Forever' cause i fucking love Steve Aoki. But the only thing that has been keeping me sane these past few days are Degrassi's Boiling Point on The-N aka TeenNick. AMAZING SHOW. Okay, bye! GO TO PHILLIPPE'S! Btw, I ordered a beef sandwich with swiss cheese and the soup of the day, which was Broccoli Cheese soup, and Iced Tea. Okaaay finally, have a great rest of the day.