Saturday, July 17, 2010


I'm back.. ahah I decided to blog again. Don't know why, I guess I'll just try to bring this thing back to life. It got to me basically, the fact that I stopped blogging. I felt some sort of emptiness inside. I know.. weird eh? Whateveeeer. Well, kinda late since today is Saturday but on Thursday, 2 days before today, I went to the library with my best friend and met up with my teacher and some boys and girls, just like 5 though. It was really fun and my teacher is HILARIOUS. But when we were there we found out that she was layed off by my high school, so that brought down the mood a little. But overall, it was fun. Oh and guess what? There's a Panda Express in this library! Fuck yes.. This library PWNS any other one. Heh. Bye my lovers. I missed you so much. Oooh, and do you see anything new in the pictures? Hhmmmm? Haaha, I gots a new pair of TOMS 2 weeks ago! Yeeee! They're a beauty.. Oh, and if you're interested in TOMS, I'll be selling them online. Not these, but like in general. Jeeez, I neeed to keep you more updated. I have a business of selling Blu-Rays and shoes. Haha, so you can comment this or message me personally for the URL of the store i have online. Again, bye bye!

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  1. dammit those are really cool shoes lol. i only have them in red. i've never seen that exact pattern before tho.